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Standard Economy Pins: Nickel 28mm 150pcs. Nickel plated steel. Basic, standard size dressmaking pins at an economical price. Supplied in a handy reusable plastic box.

Standard Economy Pins: Nickel 28mm 600pcs. Value pack. Excellent economy pins for general household and craft use. Supplied in clear view reusable storage box.

Dressmaker Pin: Nickel 26mm 310pcs. High Carbon Steel pins in the most popular size for dressmaking (0.66mm).

Dressmaker Pin: Nickel 30mm 310pcs. High Carbon Steel. Longer version of CODE: 700 Pins.

Dressmaker Pins & Foam Pin Cushion: 25mm 350pcs. Supplied in plastic container with Foam Top Pin Cushion. Hardened and polished. Most popular size of dressmaking pins (0.65mm).

Household Steel Pins: Nickel 26mm 260pcs. High carbon steel. All purpose pin, suitable for general household use.

Dressmaker Pins Nickel 26mm x .56mm 420pcs. High Carbon Steel pins with dipped head – for finer fabrics