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Flower/Flat Head Pins: Nickel 54mm 60pcs. Nickel plated steel. Flat flower-shaped head can be ironed over safely. Very long, fine pins popular for sewing, serging, pinweaving and quilting.

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Sequin/Lills/Bead Pins: Nickel 13mm 710pcs. Nickel plated steel. Very short pins popular with crafters. Ideal for bead and sequin work or when using polystyrene shapes.

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T-Pins: Nickel 51mm 20pcs. Nickel plated steel. Long, thick sturdy pins used for macrame, wigs and craftwork.

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Twist Pins: Nickel 13mm 30pcs. Nickel plated steel. Strong hold spiral shaft. Special pin that can be twisted into soft wood, furnishing materials, etc and grips strongly. Used extensively in home furnishing applications.

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Quilter Pins – 100 Pce Extra Long Pins Hold Quilt Layers Together. Yellow Heads Are Easy To See On Fabric.

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