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Make your own very easy creative designs from these non-sewing patterns either by cut and tieing fray-free polar fleece, or using studs and bindings to form a handy bag. Simply construct with just handsewing and snap fasteners. Fun! Patterns are for a vest, headband, mittens, bag, scarf out of polar fleece, and bag and vest out of denim.

The Pattern Drafter – A Specially Designed Kit for Making Personalised Base Pattern. Pattern Drafting has never been easier. Now you can create your own clothing patterns. This teen to adult Pattern Drafting ruler is used to make block patterns for a dress, skirt, sleeve, pants and collar, from petite to plus size. No previous experience in pattern making is needed! Whether you want to design your own clothes or create and sell your own label, this easy to use Pattern Drafting ruler, with a step-by-step instruction book, features many popular designs and pattern variations. This is truly a fast and easy way of making your own patterns, that fit you! The Pattern Drafter – puts you in charge of the perfect fit.

Transparent fabric for tracing off a paper pattern, stitching up the traced off pattern and testing the deisgn (saving valuable sewing time). The traced off pattern can be altered from a fitting and then used as the master pattern to cut the garment from.